Lotis Tube Surface 85 1x GU10 White Structure - Black Matt

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Lotis tubed is the surface mounted version of the standard Lotis recessed spot. The coloured cylinder accommodates the Lotis spot. Lotis tubed is available in different heights - from 130 mm to 190 mm.The largest size also comes in a suspension version. Combining both versions creates depthin your rooms and spices your interior. Lotis tubed allows you to play with colour: go for a contrast between black, white and gold or choose a more uniform look instead.
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Färg: Vit
Diameter: 8.5 cm
Höjd: 13 cm
IP: 20
Ljuskällor Ingår: Ja
Sockel: GU10
Typ av ljuskälla: 230V
Lumen: 292
Volt: 230V