Sunricher SR-ZG9101SAC-HP - Zigbee Dimmer

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The SR-ZG9101SAC-HP is an innovative AC phase-cut dimmer with ZigBee control interface. The AC dimmer is designed with 100-240VAC wide input and output, 1 channel and maximum 400W output. The ZigBee AC dimmer is available with both leading edge dimming version and trailing edge dimming version for choosing. The innovative minimum brightness setting function enables users to set a minimum brightness and dim from this minimum brightness to 100% brightness.
Also it is easy to delete the minimum brightness. The AC dimmer can be compatible with universal ZigBee coordinator or gateway controller to be paired to the network. It is controllable from your ZigBee gateway interface or remote controllers that are added to the network and bind with the dimmer.
The zigbee device is based on zigbee 3.0, it can be linked to and controlled by max. 30 zigbee remotes that support zigbee light link through touchlink. It also supports the new zigbee green power feature, and can bind to and be controlled by max. 20 zigbee green power remotes directly without zigbee hub or gateway.
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Färg: Vit
Material: Plast
Bredd: 4.5 cm
Djup: 4.5 cm
Höjd: 2.03 cm
Max Watt: upp till 400W
Volt: 100-240VAC
Anpassad för: Dimbar LED, Halogen eller traditionell ljuskällor
Utspänning: 100-240VAC
Övrigt: Kompatibel med Philips HUE & Homey